• My knee is MUCH better, but I'm in the throes of some really bad back pain. Until I’m treated for it, I'll have to take some extra time off.
  • Week of July 14
    CLOSED: Sun, Mon
    OPEN: T, W, Th, F, S
    212-989-8962 bslotnickbooks@gmail.com
    Portrait of Bonnie with cookbooks

    It has been my great pleasure to serve up a delicious selection of cookbooks to customers near and far for the past 24 years.

    Even though things are mostly back to normal (pandemic-wise), I continue to offer private “shopportunities!” If you’d be more comfortable being the only customer in the shop, don’t hesitate to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT outside my regular hours. You can have a half-hour or one-hour slot at your convenience and not worry about sharing space with other shoppers. Please call me or send an email and we’ll set up a time.

    GIFT CERTIFICATES can be purchased in person or ordered by phone or email.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has visited since I reopened, on June 22, 2020. To those who prefer to place email or phone orders, I can still do local deliveries by bike as well as shipping books (as always).

    My hours are posted here, and you can also check them by phone. (But NEVER rely on what’s posted on Google—it’s invariably wrong.) Remember that my hours are not the same every single week. If you can’t come in during open hours, make an appointment for a time that works for you.

    Looking forward — to everything!

    — Bonnie